Happy 70th

Tis the 70th birthday of Independent India. We have come a long way. We have so much more to achieve and look forward to....together as a nation.


Second Chances…. @life.com

In the spirit of recent Karva Chauth and upcoming Diwali festival, I say we all rethink family, friendships, love, life and all such relationships of the heart and soul. After all what are we praying for. Eternal companionship, Isn't it! And why is that? We are social beings. We need company. Presence of people around … Continue reading Second Chances…. @life.com

Care for Care givers – Our Angels in Disguise

Doctors diagnose, Nurses heal and Caregivers make sense of it all. - Brett H Lewis Positives of caregiving are immeasurable. Caring for a person other than us, can create positive emotional changešŸ˜Š. For example, caregivers report that caregiving has given them a sense of purpose. The inner peace šŸ˜‡ at making a difference in the … Continue reading Care for Care givers – Our Angels in Disguise

Seema writes about her KWK – 2 experience

The concept of Koffee with kahani was very different for me. It ws my first time to attend such type of program. The craziness of that concept was very beautifully presented by all the participants. It was good to hear the valuable tips on positivity and relationship by none other than The Life Coach Mr … Continue reading Seema writes about her KWK – 2 experience