Daan Utsav – Celebration of Being Human

Daan Utsav -  Such a wonderful concept. Celebrating the Essence of humanity i.e. Sharing. No other living being on this earth has either this sentiment or this phenomenon. And that's what distinguishes us from other living beings and makes us humans. Spirit of being human is in sharing out of sheer love, care and empathy … Continue reading Daan Utsav – Celebration of Being Human

Saved by Dolls : Alzheimer’s Doll therapy

Alzheimer's doll therapy is a known resource in working with dementia patients. Dolls have been shown repeatedly to soothe and comfort people with Alzheimer. Using a Baby doll can be a very effective way for a person with Alzheimer's or any kind of dementia to decrease stress and agitation. In a research by Clinical psychologist … Continue reading Saved by Dolls : Alzheimer’s Doll therapy

Do’s and Don’ts for Alzheimer’s

Caring for a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s is difficult and sometimes frustrating. As the disease progresses, it robs them of the ability to understand and communicate. It also brings personality changes and behavioral changes that can challenge even the most patient of caregivers. How family caregivers and personal companions respond and react in these … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts for Alzheimer’s

Let The Games Begin

Today on behalf of Silver Innings and Pride Age I had the pleasure and privilege of watching and covering the Silver Innings Football Club team in action in their 1st Match for 2nd Div Group F MDFA 2016-17 with Datta Krida Mandal at St. Xavier’s Ground, Parel, Mumbai. And whatta game !! Silver Innings FC … Continue reading Let The Games Begin

Common Man, Uncommon Feats

Story of the journey of a farmer’s son, from small sleepy town to mega city of Mumbai and being a ‘Son to a Million Parents’, a journey of a social enterprise started by Sailesh Mishra on April 2008 to multifaceted Silver Innings Group in 2016, working with Senior Citizens and their family. He started A1 … Continue reading Common Man, Uncommon Feats

Sagar Kinaare : A Wellness Salsa

Sagar Kinaare, The Wellness Salsa.... What a resounding success it was. A rejuvenating day trip in the lap of nature at A1Snehanjali, assisted living elder care home near Rajodi Beach, Nalasopara west / Virar west. The happy picnickers had started the preparation a week before the D day. As everyone got to know each other … Continue reading Sagar Kinaare : A Wellness Salsa

The Stars of Umang 2016 : The Guru who Makes you Laugh

Met this remarkable gentleman yesterday at his residence in Marol, Mumbai. This amazing young in spirit and younger in appearance personality is 68 years young and going stronger than ever. He reintroduced me to something that comes naturally to all of us, laughter. Rightly he says that as children we laugh at everything, ourselves others, … Continue reading The Stars of Umang 2016 : The Guru who Makes you Laugh

The Stars of Umang 2016 : The Army Star

One of the brightest shining stars of 'Umang 2016' is going to be The Indian Army's very own Dear Doctor Lt.Col. Rajinder Paul. Whom I met up to interview on behalf of Pride Age, media partner to Silver Innings for the upcoming mega Talent Show 'Umang 2016' on 16th April 2016 at Birla Matoshri Sabhagriha, Marine … Continue reading The Stars of Umang 2016 : The Army Star

The Stars of Umang 2016 : Couple Extraordinaire

Met up with this utterly delightful couple recently and am still aglow from the experience. Considering the distances and traffic in Aamchi Mumbai the commute was immensely tiring to say the least but the outcome was so worth it. As would be the time and effort you put in to the read on this Couple … Continue reading The Stars of Umang 2016 : Couple Extraordinaire