World Rocks Against Dementia 2017

Join us for WRAD2017 – World Rocks Against Dementia on 19th March 2017 Mumbai. “SILVER ROCKSTAR – A Musical Event” hosted by Silver Innings, Purple Angel Ambassadors of India supported by Pride Age, Pushpa Ma Foundation, Sneh Kala Kendra and A1 Snehanjali at Mumbai, India. Together We Are Strong, Dementia Awareness! Contact us

Saved by Dolls : Alzheimer’s Doll therapy

Alzheimer's doll therapy is a known resource in working with dementia patients. Dolls have been shown repeatedly to soothe and comfort people with Alzheimer. Using a Baby doll can be a very effective way for a person with Alzheimer's or any kind of dementia to decrease stress and agitation. In a research by Clinical psychologist … Continue reading Saved by Dolls : Alzheimer’s Doll therapy

Do’s and Don’ts for Alzheimer’s

Caring for a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s is difficult and sometimes frustrating. As the disease progresses, it robs them of the ability to understand and communicate. It also brings personality changes and behavioral changes that can challenge even the most patient of caregivers. How family caregivers and personal companions respond and react in these … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts for Alzheimer’s

Dare to Remember: WAM2015

September 2015 is the Fourth Global World Alzheimer’s Month™, an International Campaign to raise awareness and challenge stigma. The impact of September’s campaign is growing, but the stigmatisation and misinformation that surrounds dementia remains a Global problem. The theme for World Alzheimer's Month 2015 was “Remember Me”. Encouraging people all around the world to learn … Continue reading Dare to Remember: WAM2015

Helping with Alzheimer’s – Dolls to the Rescue

We humans are social animals. We need company. All of us have this need to be surrounded by human company, greenery and pets at all times. But at certain age and state, having someone besides us at all times is not possible. So a look alike baby doll helps recreate that bonding of love and … Continue reading Helping with Alzheimer’s – Dolls to the Rescue

Remember Me ?

Two words so simple yet so poignant. In everyday life too they have sweet connotations of longing and desire to be recalled, be part of someone's memory, some past sweet or sour incident which formed a bond for times to come. Same two words asked as a question gain vital significance with the dreaded answer … Continue reading Remember Me ?

A Day at A1 Snehanjali… A Date with Future Imperfect

Today was a day long-awaited. Having joined the Founders of Silver Innings in their noble efforts and cause in my small way and having heard about A1Snehanjali, established by Silver Innings, under concept of A home away from home. I was eagerly looking forward to spending a day at A1Snehanjali - Assisted Living Elder Care … Continue reading A Day at A1 Snehanjali… A Date with Future Imperfect

“There’s a disease that’s killing our parents and grandparents and no one seems to be doing anything about it. One day it’s going to kill us. It hasn’t become trendy to care about… Part of that is because it’s really depressing and there’s not a lot of hope associated with it.” ~Seth Rogen -courtesy'