Old Dreams, New Possibilities…


Childhood is lost in play,

Youth in fending for livelihood,

Now is our time to live…

50+ is the age when one has fulfilled ones responsibility towards dependents/family and the time to fulfill one’s own promise to self, made as an young adult.

A small portion of life makes up our entire childhood, just a little more time as a young adult and a vast majority of our life is lived as seniors. Therefore more emphasis is to be given to this portion of our life lived as a senior.

Silver Innings Blog is created to help the Elders fulfill their dreams without the hassles of daily life and not having to waste one’s time on worries regarding health, emotional, social and financial issues.

The Blog aims to provide information and links to articles regarding health & fitness, social & financial welfare, emotional support etc.

SIH portal offers relevant information suited to the needs of the elders such as health and wellness information, social clubs, events and benefits info, Elder care products and Elder care service providers, NGOs/helpline/old age home details, volunteer opportunities, Dementia and Alzheimer’s care and so on. It also provides information regarding basic needs such as Tiffin services, home care services, day care for elders.

A number of established service providers recognize the effort have joined hands to offer relevant services and opportunities to them.

The vision is simple “an elder friendly world where ageing becomes a positive and rewarding experience”.

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