Daan Utsav – Celebration of Being Human

Daan Utsav –  Such a wonderful concept. Celebrating the Essence of humanity i.e. Sharing. No other living being on this earth has either this sentiment or this phenomenon. And that’s what distinguishes us from other living beings and makes us humans. Spirit of being human is in sharing out of sheer love, care and empathy for fellow living beings. This empathy for the pain and suffering is what enlightens our soul. The soul along with our body needs nurturing. Providing and sharing without any self interest is food for the soul. It connects us to the fellow humanity. Shelter, food, education, service – anything and everything we can think of, we can share and we must. And light up at least one another life and see the warm glow within us.

What and where would we be if not for giving and sharing. No man is an island. Everybody needs someone. If only each one will help one, none will be in need. Everything and everyone in this world and universe are interconnected. One hand for us and other for another, can be the motto to live by and all will be well. We need only to start and it shall spread like fragrance from flowers in the garden. The one who received your kindness will keep the chain going till it is all around and everywhere. Each one can be The One.

That’s a beginning that Jimmy Dordi and his colleagues at Pushpa Maa Foundation have made and continue the tradition each day in every way at Dada dadi park at Borivli. The place and its warmth is a revelation. They have multiple activities happening everyday over there for the people who visit the park. It’s a haven for the elderly looking for rest and respite and company in their retired phase. When they are feeling superfluous in family or in need because of family financial or legal or any problems. Jimmy Sir and his group is there to assist and guide in every way possible. They conduct various awareness campaigns also in association with Silver Innings which works for the cause of the elderly and their team led by Sailesh Mishra.

In this tradition every year to celebrate the spirit of giving and sharing, they conduct a day event at an Orphanage in the city suburb which looks after the abandoned, disabled and destitute children. The most downtrodden and overlooked category of the society. Every time this team visits them with like minded sympathetic to the cause enthusiasts with huge quantities of all the necessities in tow. All of which has been collected from families and friends and building societies. Taking care to carry only the new unused and the best that we use ourselves. Clothes, bed sheets, groceries, cooking oil, biscuits, sweets, blankets and so much more. The event this year started with all the enthusiastic shining and known faces of the residents waiting for us in the community hall. They greeted us cheerfully knowing and anticipating what lovely entertainment was in store for them. Everyone contributed lovely melodies on the karaoke system with solos and duets. The song that stole the day was the Marathi hit movie Sairat’s – Zing zing zingat, which brought all the audience to their feet, dancing enthusiastically, forgetting all their miseries and sadness for the time being. Oh what joy was it to be part of something big…. Bigger than us and our egoes. Music is such an equaliser. Brings the child out in all of us enjoying the pure and unadulterated ethereal joy in the moment.

I share a sweet rapport with an 8 year old Sameer who was abandoned on the doorstep of the orphanage as a toddler. The little boy is full of energy and life and shares this wondrous quality of curiosity with me. Everytime he has myriad questions for me…some I can answer and some questions even I look answers for. This time he was curious to find out why I wear so many wooden bead bracelets, and is it to share with others as I have so many. To which I had to smilingly agree, as to why one person should have many while another none and shared a few with him. He earnestly promised to wear his bead bracelet all the time. And I believe him as I have believed no one ever. It was a solemn promise of innocence robbed early of what should have been rightfully his.

Wish I could share with him and others and everyone….more and more, so that the universe has to create an abundance to provide perforce for all the have nots as well.

Thank you everyone for making such events possible for us to partake in the joy of sharing.


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