Let The Games Begin

Today on behalf of Silver Innings and Pride Age I had the pleasure and privilege of watching and covering the Silver Innings Football Club team in action in their 1st Match for 2nd Div Group F MDFA 2016-17 with Datta Krida Mandal at St. Xavier’s Ground, Parel, Mumbai. And whatta game !!

Silver Innings FC committed to World Alzheimer’s Month September 2016. Wearing their team jerseys proudly proclaiming ‘Remember Those Who Cant Remember’, the tagline of Alzheimer awareness campaign to be run all through the September, the Alzheimer awareness month world over.

The game got off to a great start though under inclement weather conditions. Both the teams getting into the battle almost immediately. Hoo boy what a battle they fought. Under the able captaincy of Abhishek Amborkar playing CDM and charged up experienced coach Pritesh.

With the very enthusiastic Goal keeper Sheldon Sequera and the team’s ex captain Kevin Michael playing RBD, Trilok playing CDM, Zinio LW, Montu Singh – The play maker, Shreyash playing RF, Omkar pandit nee Pedro at CB, Rohan ST and Yasir LB the team with youngest player of under 16, played strong and hard in extremely trying conditions in pouring rain and slippery ground when as luck would have it the rival team managed to score a goal.

The team creditably held on and fought back harder still in true sportsman spirit and in keeping with their team’s ethics cheered on by their team mates and supporters. The non playing captain of the team Osama, who was injured in previous match, continuously cheered his team mates. In halftime their coach and manager was full of praises and pep for the team recognising their sincere efforts and gave them spot guidance and energised them more.

The teams started off the second half with renewed resolve and vigour. Deepak came in to play LF, Shaadab RB, Quish LB. The boys fought back furiously not allowing the other team in even edgewise. But as luck would have it a spate of in play injuries dogged the team and claimed players one after the other. The match ended at the designated 90 minutes at same score. In true spirit of the game though they played better but other team had better luck today. Deepak Pal was declared SIFC Man of the match. Trilok all of 16 years old was the find of the match. With Zinio showing outstanding agile performance the team put in a splendid combined effort which will be their winning formula in the matches to come.

As their very young but very wise coach put it at the end of the match, “The fight has just started…the battles have just begun. May the team with best players, sportsman spirit and conscience win.”

And Amen to that!!! Three cheers to the SIFC The team with a soul.


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