Happy 70th


Tis the 70th birthday of Independent India. We have come a long way. We have so much more to achieve and look forward to….together as a nation.

Anywhere in the world we are known by our nation’s identity first, then as individuals do we make our mark. Let our identity be such that it inspires respect. Let our culture of religious values, respect, cohesion and tolerance and peaceful diversity be an inspiration and our strength.

We have lived together, rather thrived with such religious and cultural diversity for centuries before the invaders brought unrest to our shores. Let’s bring that golden age back and make India the greatest nation on earth it rightfully deserves to be.

The world has realised by now that, ‘Unity is Strength’, is not just a saying. Let not the subversive forces at work divide us…let us all work together as a family, keeping and sorting out our disagreements internally lest the scavengers start circling around.

Let’s each of us start individually as units and build and involve our family our community our society our neighbourhood our suburbs our towns our cities our states, in making our nation so strong, that their is no longer a chink visible for any subversive or corrosive emotion or element to seep through to weaken it. The smallest of these units must be the bricks cemented together by our one sincere objective and sentiment of unity.

Because we are the nation and the nation is us. Whatever our age, caste, creed, gender, income, we have to do our bit at our levels. And it will all come together in a grand multicoloured tapestry called India. We, the proud Indians are the integral part of it…wherever we might be in the world….proud with head held high.

29 States, 7 Union Territories, 22 official Languages, 6 major Religions & various indigenous ethnically-bound faiths, 26+ Major festivals and ONE Country. Truly Incredible INDIA.


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