Sagar Kinaare : A Wellness Salsa

Sagar Kinaare, The Wellness Salsa…. What a resounding success it was. A rejuvenating day trip in the lap of nature at A1Snehanjali, assisted living elder care home near Rajodi Beach, Nalasopara west / Virar west. The happy picnickers had started the preparation a week before the D day. As everyone got to know each other on the ‘Wellness Salsa’ whatsapp group created for this express purpose by Pride Age founder Ramaa Subramaniam. The enthusiasm in the group members was so infectious and unprecedented even for us organisers from Pride Age and SilverInnings. In keeping with the energy in the group the host for the event was lovely multitalented Arpita. Each member surpassed the other in energy and enthusiam in planning, ideation and preparation for the event.  The age group as well as the mix was as eclectic as can be. The age range was from 9 to 82. The fantastic DJ music, the scrumptious fresh food, the lovely hostess with fun innovative games and mind body spirit wellness interspersed with sapling planting, it truly was a Wellness Salsa – Sagar Kinare.

The day dawned with everyone eager and impatient for on board bus fun to begin. Time tested Antakshari while munching on yummy snacks, among the 4 teams comprising of lovely Suju, Surjit, Leonara, the talented Navneeta, Moni, Dr.Rajinder ji, Arti was a sure fire hit as everyone got into the fun with unbridled enthusiasm so much so that the lovely sights outside went unnoticed till we suddenly realised the gates of our haven for the day were on us.

Right from the entrance the pretty rustic surroundings charmed everyone in it’s simplicity. The lovely wooden jhuulas, the tyre swings, interspersed with few hammocks to break the monotony in between surrounded by lovely greenery of Palm and Banana trees colourful Gulmohur and Gurhal flowers in many hues. The picnickers were welcomed with hot scrumptious breakfast under the thatched cool roof away from the hot sun. Then the fun and games began with our lovely host Arpita jovially warning everyone to better join in or else. With Madhuri Dixit theme songs the group was divided to play the team games after an innovative self introduction by the participants as the characters of a fairytale. Imaginations ran amok and was such fun as everyone slipped into the game zone. With quick nonstop lineup of even more n more entertaining games the participants from the age of 9 to 82 got playful and there were many cases of adult super cry babies but all in good fun. As the day proceeded with Dumb Charades, Scavenger Hunts etc with people joining in driving directly to the picnic spot making it more the merrier. To add to the fun, an Ice cream cart was posted right there for people to cool their insides as well with strawberry n mango n chocolate duets and variety of kulfis . A veritable heaven on wheels. Lovely talented Arpita had everyone dancing to her tunes, effortlessly teaching them basics of Zumba to first steps of salsa. Lovely young sisters Pradnya n Pritam, bro n sis pair of Aarya n Neha, teen Sidhhanth with mom Yogita, Nasreen n Prakash, advocate Aileen with sweet Philu Aunty, Tilaka, Saraswati, Nitu with mom Sadhna, glam Rashmi, Pravina n Chaitali, Sushila n Sailesh, Shilu n Colin, Sarita n her very special daughter Bhavna who is truly special won everyone’s hearts.

Reluctant people had to be coaxed to take a lunch break. The party resumed post lunch with Graphololist Rajesh Johari taking a session on handwriting analysis and how to improve our health sand lives through making few changes in the way we write or sign our names. With a lucky draw for 5 people who got personal one on one consultation with the expert right there. Arpita resumed the wellness session with a guided musical meditation whereby everyone relaxed so well and completely that it was apparent in their glowing faces post session. Well rested the picnic party resumed the masti session with Scavenger hunt, Bingo and many more before embarking upon the simple yet sweet plan of reducing our carbon footprint by planting a tree in name of our loved ones. The idea was warmly accepted and adapted. Many chose to take the opportunity to plant their own trees to visit them anytime in future and to keep planting many more.

The merry picnickers then proceeded to the Rajodi seaside, well covered in sunscreen hard goggles to have fun on the beach. Numerous photo ops were taken with an opportune Camel and Phirkiwala to boot. The sea was cool and choppy with people getting wet intentionally and sometimes  unintentionally so being surprised by the mischievous naughty far reaching waves on the shore while posing with pots for pics unaware.

After the last mandatory group photo the reluctant group filed back into the bus to start the journey back home. With many new friendships forged, old ones renewed, everyone wowed to be and remain in touch and made the pride age team promise to hold more such events as frequently as possible. Am still aglow from the happiness and appreciation absorbed. The sweetness, the blessings, the love, the affection – invaluable. The effort put in well paid off in emotional payback itself. Here’s to more such, many more, with memories of lovely people and experiences to treasure.


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