The Stars of Umang 2016 : The Guru who Makes you Laugh

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Met this remarkable gentleman yesterday at his residence in Marol, Mumbai. This amazing young in spirit and younger in appearance personality is 68 years young and going stronger than ever. He reintroduced me to something that comes naturally to all of us, laughter. Rightly he says that as children we laugh at everything, ourselves others, the world but as we grow up we forget how to. And that is the greatest tragedy of all. Because laughter really is the best medicine for all that ails the world. If only every grown up knew how to laugh out loud. How different would the world be.
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Laughter is therapy, it is yoga, it is knowledge. Now researched upon and certified in universities as the super power within this simple natural instinctual human activity has since been realised. Shri. Ram Gopal Cancherla one of the leading torch bearers of the laughter movement enlightens us about the unique energy that translates into such positivity that enwraps and enthrals all around the one person who laughs unaffectedly, without malice and with no mal intent whatsoever.

As Ella Wheeler Wilcox so rightly says “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone”

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It’s not that he has had a smooth life. Ram Gopal ji had his share of upheavals in life and more. Surviving multiple takeovers, mergers in his company Hoechst Pharma wherein he joined initially as an MR, supporting and raising his young family of 3 kids and parents. He kept reinventing and retraining himself till he retired as Head of his department at Sanofi. Now his kids are all well settled in life in India and abroad. He is a visiting professor at NM College for Enterprise Systems teaching MBA Tech students. In mornings everyday he conducts the laughter yoga for his MRRWA laughter club in the community garden with an odd 60 plus members. He is at home looking after his aged mother and the house all on his own while his wife is out of town. He conducts these laughter yoga workshops for corporates as stress relieving activity. Such workshops are conducted by him and his team members free of charge for hospitals, orphanage and old age homes. As if that’s not more than enough he his member and on board of various well known NGOs like Ashadeep. His inspiration and energy he says come from this everyday dose of laughter. At least 15 minutes a day of laughter is mandatory to reap the benefits.
He is full of praises for his guru, Dr Madan Kataria who is the father of this wonderful innovative movement which has now spread to 104 countries in the world and in all major cities of India since 1995. The Laughter Yoga Master Trainers are trained formally in this first Laughter Yoga University in the world in Bangalore established by Dr. Kataria. And the instructors certified therein are eligible to practice and spread the skill in other countries. Shri. Cancherla started along with Dr. Kataria and has since then has now brought in his own innovation which combines laughter yoga for the mind with Raj Yoga of Brahma Kumari’s for the body. He has already conducted workshop with more than 3000 participants and which is part of Limca Book of Records.

Benefits of Laughter Club

1. Happy hormones aka endorphins are secreted.

2. Helps handle stress better.

3. Keeps away and prevents aggravation of arthritis and joint pains.

4. Prevents swing walking in elderly.

5. Improves communication and confidence.

6. Lesser incidences and control of BP, stress and diabetes.

Singing, Breathing, clapping and Dancing are 4 pillars of Laughter yoga.
While no jokes, humour, comedy and no politics or religion are allowed to avoid disputes, controversies or misunderstanding of any kind.

Looking into his world through this window I rediscovered the power of laughter. Good humour cures all or almost all😂. We learn to take criticism , with a sense of humour if it is meant well or with a pinch of salt if not yet laugh at the ignorance of the concerned but without malice.

So go ahead friends….Laugh to your heart’s content and then some more 😂😂😂


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