The Stars of Umang 2016 : The Army Star

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One of the brightest shining stars of ‘Umang 2016’ is going to be The Indian Army’s very own Dear Doctor Lt.Col. Rajinder Paul. Whom I met up to interview on behalf of Pride Age, media partner to Silver Innings for the upcoming mega Talent Show ‘Umang 2016’ on 16th April 2016 at Birla Matoshri Sabhagriha, Marine Lines. This smart and beautiful energetic Army Doctor has a lovely well kept and slickly operating residence in Kandivli a suburb of Mumbai. She manages everything single handedly with trademark Army discipline. I was amazed by the vim and vigour of the septuagenarian which would put a 30 year old to shame. This gutsy army doctor has not only helped win India the war in 1971 but also won the hearts of all in the audience last year in Umang through her lovely performance on the melodious sensual song ‘Kaisi Paheli Zindagani’ sung by Sunidhi Chauhan filmed on glamorous Rekha from hit movie ‘Parineeta’ . Surely a worthy tribute to the evergreen Rekha who would be proud to see her performance reenacted by Rajinder ji who captured all hearts and had the audience wanting more.
Rajinder ji has been the whole and sole behind her work and family all her life. Having brought up a daughter and a son who are now settled successfully in their careers and lives. Daughter is now settled in the USA and her son is successful Dental Surgeon in Mumbai. After her retirement, this active Lt.Col. could’nt stay at loose ends for long and found herself involved in activities of NGOs around her area. Assisted by SOSWA: Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies, her energy abound and overflowed as she helped teach children of underprivileged. She came in touch of Sailesh Mishra, which works further the cause of elderly. He inspired her to take part in the Umang talent show which is a platform for the elderly to display their talents. Rajinder ji who didn’t have any training in dance took this up as a challenge for herself. She started going to dance classes to see her potential and was pleasantly surprised on realising that she had a knack for it. The translation of that knack on stage was out there for all to see. Encouraged and supported by her family she looks forward to performing each year with same energy and discipline that define her.

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She says that performing in ‘Umang’ has enhanced her sense of self and helped her make more friends from different backgrounds but with similar interests. And that’s a wonderful gift at this age and stage for elderly. Hence her message to her peer group that, “This is the best activity ever at any age, specially at mature age as the side effects are great and many. The accompanying fitness, health, friends and self worth being few.”

Hats off and Three Cheers to the Dancing Doctor from the Army. We are honoured and privileged Lt.Col. Rajinder Paul. You are an inspiration.
We Salute you !

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