A Day to Remember


What a wonderfully fun day it was ! By the end of the Picnic everyone was of this unanimous opinion. After being transported to and back from a different world altogether with like minded people who became fast friends by the time the day ended.
It started with picnickers from age group in their 20’s to 80’s trickling into the quaint tea stall at Bhayandar Station, with everyone thoughtfully arriving by the time of scheduled departure. Till then they sipped on hot tea and coffee, being welcomed by the team Pride Age headed by Ramaa Subramian and Sailesh Mishra from Silver innings. Till this time people were a bit unsure about what to expect from the day. But the warmth of their reception put their minds and hearts to rest. Everyone boarded their respective buses and were soon on the way to our destination. What a bus ride, with Leonara coming prepared with personalised folders of lyrics of old and new favourite songs. Everyone let go of their inhibitions and enjoyed to the fullest, singing with gusto at the top of their voices and dancing and posing for pictures right there in their respective buses while it meandered through the lovely shady lanes passing by the lovely Church and Sea face with fishing boats bobbing up and down in the mischievous waves reflecting the mood of our group of merry makers.

Too soon the wide gates of picnic spot appeared right amidst the lovely verdant scene. We entered and were welcomed by the support staff. Our happy and hungry group was welcomed with hot tea, coffee and tasty piping hot breakfast which everyone enjoyed thoroughly in the fresh, cool, crisp, green and lovely surroundings.
And then it was Game time! Energetically conducted by our bubbly fun hostess, Arpita ably assisted by our ever green Hira Mehtaji. Fun competition amongst the group’s started in a jiffy. And everyone got into the spirit instantly. Nobody knew where time flew by, in the meanwhile scrumptious lunch was served. Prelunch teams were redivided to enable mixing and bonding. While pre lunch games were involving more movement, like finding treasures or Laghori . Post lunch session thoughtfully involved more laid back ones like News paper scavenger hunt and Idiom guessing game and group Antakshari with fun twist keeping in view the after lunch lethargy and more Gup shup.
After the good natured games in friendly spirit we were taken on a short tour around the premises by Sailesh and Rajesh ji joint owners of the place. Silver A’more is a facility for elderly for assisted living in refreshing natural surroundings with advanced medical facilities close by in case of emergency. The rooms are spacious and elder friendly with attached bathrooms. The community sitting and amusement areas are many as are the scenic walking paths. It seems like permanently staying in a resort. Very enticing indeed!
After the tour of the place and photo ops at numerous picturesque spots on the property, it was tea time with great accompanying snacks. Also a big surprise awaited picnickers. Santa Claus came bearing gifts and a huge cake. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the lovely lively surprise. Then came the time to leave the colourful mark of our visit on the nascent surrounding walls. Colourful handprints made by us decorated the surroundings in no time at all. Everyone admired their handiwork and happily proceeded to their respective buses for the journey home.
On the way we stopped at the Mother Velankani Church of the fisher folk near the lovely bandstand. After a brief visit to the church and watching the lovely sunset we proceeded to the next stop The Haunted House. Being Christmas eve and full moon to boot the next day, nobody wanted to risk going in and satisfied curiosity by looking from afar and enjoyed famous scrumptious Vadaa paavs at the Bhoot Bungalow vada paav waala. Thereafter everyone said au revoirs once more and left for home with lasting fond memories and life long friends forever.

Wonder of wonders after such an action packed day no one felt tired and everyone looked forward and requested for more such opportunities for fun get togethers more often in future. A Truely successful endeavour for all ages with a change by Pride Age and Silver Innings for sure !! Thank you Dipti Nigudkar, Hansa Kapadia, Jaya Jawdekar, Kamlesh Soni, Leonara Machado, Mangala Iyer, Navnita Parmar, Neelam Datt, Pramod Devda, Rajinder Paul, Sujata Tipnis, Rashmi Pande, Rajesh Jauhari, Ramamani Rangaswamy, Shubha Khandekar,Sneha Sanjeev Tipnis, Wishwas Jawdekar, It was lovely meeting you all !!!

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