Second Chances….

Jeevan Sathi SammelanDurga Puja (3)
In the spirit of recent Karva Chauth and upcoming Diwali festival, I say we all rethink family, friendships, love, life and all such relationships of the heart and soul. After all what are we praying for. Eternal companionship, Isn’t it! And why is that? We are social beings. We need company. Presence of people around us. Not just crowd of people or an appearance of company but people whom we can communicate with – Our joys, sorrows, desires, wishes. However incredulous they may be!

To laugh together with, to cry with, to rejoice with, to mourn with. To make love to, even to fight with… Really! That’s what makes lives worth living. Otherwise what and who are we? Just our empty shells, working for food and shelter. Just surviving!

Animals survive. Humans live. And for living they need company. To sympathise and empathise. Yes, we may have lived lives, studied, worked, reared families and retired. But with longer life spans we need more of the same, Even after retiring from active work life. We still have to keep on learning to keep our mind active and healthy. We still have to keep on working, and this time round try being active in field of our interest, to keep our body active and healthy. Similarly our souls need companionship, to love, care and share for the well being of our souls.

Here I would like to mention and would like to be understood in the right spirit by people concerned that children should stop separating and using their elderly parents for their own purposes. Specially the ones living away from home. They would rather that just their mothers should stay with them to help look after their homes and kids. That’s not right. Parents need each other more in this mature age. They should be staying together. Grand kids may occupy and expend their time and energy. But their souls and minds crave more than that. Remember Baghban…It’s filmy but true nevertheless.

If parents are bereaved then children should encourage and help them to find companions either through marriage, live in arrangements or through similarly inclined friends. Parents spent their lives looking after their kids and settling them, this is the least kids can do for them.

To start with it may be a strange concept for some people to think about. But think again… It’s new but it’s cool. The world is changing everyday. Nothing is stagnant. Why not our traditional thoughts. Break the Trend and set the course for Change. Be the Change Maker. Everyone can be one. There are more ways than one to bring this about – friendships, live in arrangements, companionships, marriage, friend groups and such and why not! High time to let go of our hang ups and embrace refreshing change. Bring revolution – bring happiness.

You brought about the second chance at life and love so don’t worry about being left out or being secondary in your parent’s lives. Look ahead, Far ahead… It’s wonderful change for all. And you be the The Innovater…The Change Maker.

Also Coming Soon…. Silver Innings Matrimonial and Companionship Event on 13th Dec 2015 “Senior Citizens Jeevan Saathi Sammelan”. A Good Companion Shortens the Longest Road…



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