A Big Thank You to all Contributors!

We congratulate Mr. Nikhil Dixit, Mr. Sudhir Suryawanshi and entire DNA Team for starting a wonderful campaign for our Farmers in Maharashtra state #ADOPTAFAMILY.

On 13th September 2015 we started a social media campaign to support DNA initiative on Facebook and WhatsApp group ‘Adopt a Senior Citizen Farmer Family of Maharashtra’ : https://www.facebook.com/events/1643988102544317/ , we are glad that this has inspired many people to come forward and contribute for the cause.

Through the initiative we have collected Total Rs. 3,16,500/- out of which Rs. 1,02,000/- has been sent directly to dna office by the contributors, Balance Cheques of Rs. 2,14,500/- handed over to DNA by our representative team on 8 October 2015 (cheques in the name of the Farmers).

image image

Following is the  list of contributors through the campaign as on 8th Oct 2015 :

1. Silver Inning Foundation 18,000/- Axis Bank in favour of Gayabai Murkute, Chq no. 466025 dt. 13/9/2015
2. Veena Ambewadikar – Sent cheque to DNA drawn in the name of Kashibai Kadam. Chq no 000103 dt 14/9/2015, HDFC Bank, Amt 1000/-
3. Nidhi Jamwal Sent a cheque of Rs 3,000 in favour of Gayabai Murkute, of ICICI Bank,Chq no. 287389 dated 15.9.15.
4. Prasad Pulla – YES BANK CHQ . Total 9,000/- , 15/9/2015,
(1500/- in each Name: Narayan Kurube , Kashibai Kadam , Yashodhabai Palve , Balikabai Yedale , Gayabai Murkute , Uttam Pawar )
5. Mrunalini Gole : Cheque no 000025 in the name of Janabai Munde for Rs. 3,000/- from Standard Chartered Bank.
6. Sarala Balachandran Rs. 1000/- to Ashabai Ighore , State Bank of India, Kolkata Chq 280805 dt. 19/9/2015
7. Girish / Ruhi Pande Rs. 6000/- to Gangubai Dandge, HDFC Bank, Chq no. 000052 dt 22/9/2015
8. Sudhir Nair for donating to Ashabai Ighore – Rs. 3000/-
9. Preeti Vaidya to Gangubai Dandge – Rs. 3000/-
10. Mousumi Saha Biswas to Suryakant Kundre – Rs. 3000/-
11. Mousumi Saha Biswas to Kashibai Kadam – Rs. 3000/-
12. Pallavi Srivastava from Singapore and Devesh Srivastava from Johannesburg, South Africa ; Rs. 18,000/- cheque no. 319124 Dated Sep.24, 2015 HDFC Bank – Sangeeta Dongre.
13. Niranjan Mehta cheque no.012415, Bank of India, Sion, Mumbai, 400037. for Rs. 9000/- drawn in favour of Gangubai Dandge
14. Sweety Gupta, ICICI Bank, New Delhi chq no. 543849 dt 28t/09/2015 Rs. 3000/- to Uttam Pawar
15. Elsie Gabriel sent cheque of 3000/- in name of Janabai Munde South Indian Bank dtd 27th Sept
16. Cynthia Lobo Nair Rs. 3000/- Mr.Narayan Kurube, HDFC Chq no 000088 dt. 5/10/15
17. Mrs. Kamal Lal Rs. 13,000/- ONE MONTH PENSION.
18. Our Group : Rs. 2,14,500/- in name of Various Farmers, Chqs attached ( by Jimmy Dordi – 4000 Sneha Mehta Shah – 2000, Dhanalakshmi Rao – 3000, Kuljeet Bhurjee- 2500 , Vinod Modi – 500, Parinda Shah- 500, Kokila Shah- 500 , Malti Mandoloi – 500, Sushmita Sri- 2500, Sailesh Mishra- 2000 , Ramaa S- 7500, one well wisher (who doesn’t wish to disclose their name) – Rs. 1 ,89, 000 ie rs. 9000 to each 21 farmers.
The inspired effort of dna-Zee 24Taas, and the generosity of their audience came as a ray of hope for scores of drought-hit farmer families of Marathwada, who had nowhere to turn to. On Sunday, at a function held at the MGM campus in Aurangabad, cheques contributed by readers in response to the sustained Adopt a Family campaign were handed over to tearful farmers.

dna-Zee media had made travelling and food arrangements for the families to visit the venue. Unable to control her emotions, a woman said that while their relatives turned them away at the time of crisis, coming to dna event was like returning to a mother’s home.

Talking about the initiative, editor -in-chief Dr Uday Nirgudkar shared a story with the gathered farmers and dignitaries. “Once during low tide, several sharks got beached on the sea shore. Taking pity at their plight, some fishermen started throwing them back in the sea. A passerby asked them that what was the use of throwing a few fish back, as thousands were lying on the shore dying. The fisherman replied that they can save at least some lives. Our initiative is exactly like that. We are very grateful to the readers and viewers who came forward to help the farmers and pulled them out of their misery,” said Nirgudkar.

He added, “The initiative may have helped just a handful of farmers, but this it just a beginning. We are confident that the program will inspire other generous people to come forward and adopt more families.”

Dear Friends, our Campaign of Adopt a Senior Citizen Farmer Family of Maharashtra for DNA India Ended today 8th Oct 2015, but you can still contribute via DNA.

For any queries, call: Ms. Sitalakshmi on 91-9167787818 or 91-22-39801297.

Send your chqs directly to:
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd.,
11th Floor, Tower 3, India Bulls Finance Centre, (YES Bank bldg)
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Elphinstone (West), Mumbai – 400 013
Tel: + 91 22 3988 8888
Fax: + 91 22 3980 1000

List of Farmers:
Name of Farmers:

Narayan Kurube
Kashibai Kadam
Yashodhabai Palve
Balikabai Yedale
Gayabai Murkute
Uttam Pawar
Janabai Munde
Ashabai Ighore
Sumitrabai Bhade
Suryakant Kundre
Gangubai Dandge
Annarao Jadhav
Sangeeta Dongre
Meena Chhadidas
Chandrabhaga Raymale
Kalusinh Bayas
Gangabai Gaikwad
Champati Khare
Santosh Pawar
Chaturbhuj Jadhav
Mandabai Bansode

Courtesy: https://silverinningshelpline.wordpress.com/…/how-to-adopt…/

-Ramaa Subramaniam


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