Helping Others and Ourselves – Daan Utsav 2015

Today was a very special day for me. On 7th Oct 2015 #DaanUtsav #HappyDot ‘Spread The Smile’ Event was hosted at ‘Shanti Daan’ (Missionaries Of Charity, formed by Mother Teresa) Home for Destitute Mentally Challenged and Terminally ill Children and Elderly at Gorai, Borivali west #Mumbai.
I had wanted to be part of this initiative, so instantly connected to all the friends through phone and social media, Whatsapp Facebook etc. and informed them about this event. I know people want to help ‘Dil se’ but don’t encounter such authentic opportunities easily where they can do something first hand or be a part of such good deeds, results of which they can be witness to. Very few people are there to lead the change but being a part of the happening change is equally important. Everyone rallied around the best they could specially this being informed to them a bit late in the day. Help kept pouring in till the time I left for the program today morning in form of clothes, books, toys, biscuits, bedsheets and what not. I was truly overwhelmed by people’s generosity and prompt response.

On reaching the Shanti Dan home, located in beautiful green surroundings, I met up with my friends and colleagues from Silver Inning and seniors from Pushpa Maa foundation. Everyone was in great spirits and sporting yellow happy dot on their finger. Loaded with Food Grains, Fruits, Biscuits, Clothes, Bed Sheets, Chocolate etc we trooped in the community hall area where few residents were already there. Musical Program was organized from 10am to 11.30am by #SeniorCitizens members of Dada Daadi Park, PuspaMa Foundation in association with Silver Inning Foundation. It was Senior Citizens Commitment towards Society. The program started with Sailesh Mishra & Jimmy Dordi sir acknowledging and thanking everyone for their efforts. And the musical morning began with lovely, lively songs on the karaoke system. The residents started coming out of their rooms to join us in singing and dancing. The happiness visible on their faces and expressed through their enthusiastic participation in song and dance moved us all. It was truly wondrous, that through such simple actions and contributions we can bring so much joy to others. The amount of difference we can bring to their lives is manifold compared to our benefaction.

What’s unforgivable is being inactive in action as welll as intentions. The least we can do is be a part of something we believe in. Rather than just expecting things to happen on their own or God to do it all. We are instruments of God. Each of our actions and intentions will have a snowball effect. We do that and there won’t b one lonely destitute soul in this world.And the bonus for us in this is the satisfaction we get from sharing our good fortune, in equalising the inequities to some extent. Something which is invaluable. Connecting with special people. We get Various related opportunities. Immense incomparable satisfaction is the most wonderful side effect of it all.
A very emotional and special day indeed, which has further motivated all of us today.


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