Farmer Suicides – Time to Walk the Talk

Maharashtra sees 1,300 suicides by farmers in only 6 months this year : TOI
Maharashtra records most farmer suicides: NCRB – The Hindu
1 in 3 farmer suicides in Vidarbha over Rs 10,000 debt: Study HT
Horror stories abound. #Marathwada in central #Maharashtra is reeling under one of the worst ever droughts. Wells have turned barren, rivers and reservoirs have dried up and standing crops have withered away. The farmers are not just worried about their children’s education and daughter’s marriages, but are finding it hard to have even two square meals a day. Every day the news headlines scream some new horrifying statistic about this. We read, get infuriated at the moment, giving a piece of our minds to the concerned government representatives in absentia. The political parties who are currently not of our allegiance are at the receiving end for our verbal wrath. Cluck our tongues and be done with the whole fiasco of the moment. But guess what? This is not some temporary political calamity. It’s something that’s affecting the whole fabric covering basic modesty of our country and countrymen.
Time to walk the talk what India stands for. We are an agrarian society and country. And our farmers are driven to such dire situation that they have no option but to commit suicide. What an irony of epic proportion. And we treat it as any other tragedy. To be read as story of that day, discussed or swept under the carpet as unpalatable. Sympathised with mentally momentarily today and forgotten by tomorrow. This indicates at the basic rot in the root of our society. It’s just like ignoring, neglecting and driving our parents to commit suicide. Horrifying to hear or read isn’t it? But that is exactly what it is. By our sheer inaction and thoughtlessness we are condoning what’s happening. We can’t hide behind the government. That they should do something. Yes they should but so should we. We should be the change that we want. If someone was looting our home in front of our eyes. Would we wait for the police to come or at least try and take some action on our own. We may think that how will my little bit help so many but every drop in the ocean helps. We need to initiate at individual level for the wave of help to gain momentum. Rest will take care of itself. Effective actions always start with good intentions first.
Instead of lavishing money on upcoming festivals, let us help the hands that feed us in their time of need. As per rough estimate, a family of four needs JUST Rs. 3000/- a month to survive. #DNA newspaper #Mumbai has started a campaign,
‘ADOPT A FAMILY’, to help the drought-hit. The newspaper will be highlighting the difficult and trying circumstances through which these farmers – families are passing through. Let’s join them. Be the change that we desire and our wish will translate into reality verbatim. Silver Inning Foundation Supports DNA India Campaign #ADOPTAFAMILY. Our target amount is minimum Rs 51000/- . We will keep adding to the amount on the page along with the donations received everyday. So as to keep you all updated. God has given us a chance to prove humanity. Let’s show empathy and compassion to the truly deserving. We can very well afford to. So let’s do this friends. Each one can help one, easily. Together we can make a difference to all the farmers. Time for action is NOW.
Let’s do this folks #togetherwecan. You can support by –
1. Making your cheque in favour of Farmer, Latest Farmer list – update as on 20th Sep 2015:
Narayan Kurube or Kashibai Kadam or Yashodhabai Palve or Balikabai Yedale or Gayabai Murkute or Uttam Pawar or Janabai Munde or Ashabai Ighore or Sumitrabai Bhade or Suryakant Kundre.
2. Mention Silver Inning Foundation on the back side of cheque.
3. Send cheque to DNA :
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd.,
11th Floor, Tower 3, India Bulls Finance Centre,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Elphinstone (West), Mumbai – 400 013
Tel: + 91 22 3988 8888
Fax: + 91 22 3980 1000
You can get in touch with Sudhir Suryawanshi Journalist of DNA on Twitter: @ss_suryawanshi and DNA Editor Nikhil Dixit on Twitter @nikhildixit99
4. Share your detail to us by email: to encourage others as well.
ps – Please draw the cheque only in Farmer’s name and send it to the address below directly, DO NOT give cheque or cash to anyone else. Also since we propose to publish and update the list of names of donors to the cause as per their willingness. We would recommend that to please allow us to make your names and your commitment to the cause known. So as to inform, motivate and inspire others too. Please inform us about your donation through email on, Your name, amount and cheque details or a picture of the cheque for uploading or updating on our page. Please write ‘Silver Innings’ on the back of the cheque.
by simply sharing this page !
or this one



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