We Supports DNA India Campaign #ADOPTAFAMILY.

#Marathwada in central #Maharashtra  is reeling from one of the worst ever Droughts. Wells have turned barren, rivers and reservoirs have dried up and standing crops have withered away. The farmers are not just worried about their children’s education and daughters marriages, but are finding it hard to have TWO square meals a day.
#DNA newspaper #Mumbai has started a campaign, ‘ADOPT A FAMILY’, to help the drought-hit. The newspaper will be highlighting the difficult and trying circumstances through which there farmers- families are passing through.
Instead of lavishing money on upcoming festivals, let us HELP them in their time of need. As per rough estimate, a family of four needs JUST Rs. 3000/- a month to survive.

Silver Inning Foundation Supports DNA India Campaign #ADOPTAFAMILY.

You can support by –
1. Making your cheque in favour of Farmer, Latest Farmer list – update as on 17th Sep 2015::
Narayan Kurube or Kashibai Kadam or Yashodhabai Palve or Balikabai Yedale or Gayabai Murkute or Uttam Pawar or Janabai Munde or Ashabai Ighore
2. Mention Silver Inning Foundation on the back side of cheque. Send cheque to DNA :
Diligent Media Corporation Ltd.,
11th Floor, Tower 3, India Bulls Finance Centre,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Elphinstone (West), Mumbai – 400 013
Tel: + 91 22 3988 8888
Fax: + 91 22 3980 1000
4. Share your detail to us by email: silverinnings@gmail.com to encourage others as well.
by simply sharing this!
Following are the names and details of the farmers who we have profiled so far. We will keep updating it.

So far we have profiled and published stories of five farmers and their families, following are their details:

01. Gayabai Murkute, 75 years old. Resident of Jafrabad area in Jalna district.

Gayabai Murkute (75) lost her son Sampatrao (45) in an accident three years ago. Same year the rain stopped falling. Her family of three – including Gayabai’s daughter-in-law and 18-year-old grandson – have nowhere to go now as the authorities turn a blind eye to the drought-hit land.(Profile Published on Sept 9).
Web-link to the article: http://www.dnaindia.com/…/report-hopes-dry-up-in-drought-hi…

02. Kashibai Kadam, 18-year-old, Ardhapur area in Nanded district.


Keshav Kadam’s (inset) family is struggling for survival since his suicide 6 months ago. A land owner and labourer, Keshav had incurred a loan of nearly Rs 5 lakh, which he was unable to pay as the rain skipped his village Konda year after year. He left behind a family of six, including his elderly parents, who have nowhere to go.

Kashibai Kadam is worried that she might not be able to finish her education. The 18-year-old’s debt-ridden father Keshav (40) hanged himself in the court premises of Ardhapur six months ago. The family is just a statistic in the grim tale of parchedNanded region, hometown to former chief minister Ashok Chavan, whose wife Amita was elected from the Ardhapur constituency.

(Profile Published on Sept 10).
Web-link to the article: http://www.dnaindia.com/…/report-maharashtra-father-commits…

03. Yashodhabai Palve, 35 years old, Kegad – a small hamlet in Paithan tehsil of Aurangadbad district, 500 km from Mumbai.


The one meal a day that Yashodhabai Palve and her family had been surviving on for the last four months seems like a luxury now. The Kegad residents are reduced to skipping days between meals, and Palve has decided to end her life as soon as the provisions end. She says its a better option than starving to death.
(Profile Published on Sept 11).
Web-link to the article: http://www.dnaindia.com/…/report-i-ve-made-up-my-mind-to-en…

04. Narayan Kurube, 65-year-old, Resides in a small village 10 km away from the Paithan tehsil in Aurangabad district.


Narayan Kurube lost his wife 15 days ago. Now the 65-year-old landless labourer says he has no will left to live, and in any case starvation would do its job soon.

“My wife was 58 and was suffering from diabetes. We went to a government hospital in Paithan, where doctors prescribed some medicines. But we had no money to buy the medicines. I am solely responsible for her death,” said the Ankathwada resident. The small village of 1,50-odd people is 10 km away from thePaithan tehsil in Aurangabad district.
(Profile Published on Sept 13).
Web-link to the article: http://www.dnaindia.com/…/report-after-wife-s-death-farmer-…

05. Balikabai Yedale, 69-years-old, resident of Marathwada.


(Representational Image)

On Saturday, Maharashtra villages celebrated Pola – the bull-worshipping festival – with fervour and delicious Puran Poli. Balikabai Yedale (69), a Marathwada farmer, celebrated the fact that she got something to eat after two days, courtesy a generous neighbour.

“I had not eaten for two days. My neighbour took pity on my deteriorating health and invited me for dinner on the occasion of Pola,” she said. But the invitation was an exception, as most neighbours have stopped talking to her, assuming she would ask for food or help. “I understand. They themselves don’t have much,” she said.

(Profile Published on Sept 18).
Web-link to the article: http://www.dnaindia.com/…/report-neighbours-have-stopped-ta…

We propose to publish & update the list of names of donors to the cause as per their willingness. We would recommend that please allow us to make your names and your commitment to the cause known so as to inform, motivate and inspire others too.
Please inform us about your donation through email on silverinnings@gmail.com, Your name, amount and cheque details or a picture of the cheque for uploading or updating on our page. Please write ‘Silver Innings’ on the back of the cheque.
 We will keep adding to the amount on the page along with the donations received everyday. So as to keep you all updated. Let’s do this folks #togetherwecan
 You can get in touch with Sudhir Suryawanshi Journalist of DNA on Twitter: @ss_suryawanshi and DNA Editor Nikhil Dixit on Twitter @nikhildixit99

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