Akele Hum Akele Tum – A Loneliness DIY for All Ages

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Indians are known world over for love of family. For respect to elders, affection for siblings and cousins. Our movies are known for joint family culture. Except for metros everywhere it used to be a norm rather than exception. Now it’s on decline with western culture getting embraced by young Indians. But these metrosexual citizens of the world are going to realise their folly in the eve of their own lives. When they look around and find no one, as they once did to their parents. Loneliness is a cancer as says my friend and colleague Sailesh Mishra, founder of Silver Innings Foundation for the cause of elderly. He has more experience with elderly and their problems than most people combined in their life times. He says it is at the root of most diseases and depression. We can help ward off this modern malady by taking these steps in advance.

Loneliness and feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. – Mother Teresa
Keep Company – If only genuine friendships and empathy could be bought, the existing maladies would be a fraction of what are and believe me you the world of affluent would have no diseases. Alas it’s not so… Loneliness doesn’t discriminate though. It strikes mostly at the age when company is most desired and essential. Having been through with work life, We may think we are looking for peace and quiet. But companionship is desirable even more so in this age. We know this. So use this knowledge to help others who can’t help their loneliness and to help ourselves before such time comes for us. Get out of the house, walk around, listen to music, talk to people.

Wise people say, to make sure and get what we like, lest we be forced to like what we get.
Hobbies and Passions – Make sure to make time and take time out for your hobbies and passions so that things are already in place. You don’t have the most energy, time and drive at that time when changes are going to be drastic. Better to be prepared to make the transition easier. Keep your friendships alive. Nothing and no one can substitute history that you share with your old friends. But keep adding new links to the chain. Who add variety of their own interests. All kinds are required to keep our world running smoothly. Go to the library, go to clubs and play outdoor or indoor games with like minded people rather than wallowing in self pity.

Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for. – Dag Hammarskjold.
Give back – Keep ourselves meaningfully engaged by giving back to society, to the world in some form or other. Use the qualities and talents innate to us to identify our forte and follow with passion. Passion being the key to open door to the other world where loneliness and related maladies are words not known. We need to be aware of ourselves. Our actions and their consequences. Mindful actions. Our worlds should be buzzing with activities and peace and quiet should be welcome respite only. Rather than vice versa at any age, state and stage. There are other people out there who are lonely too. There are places which need volunteers. You will feel better about your life when you see how much you have by comparison. Also you feel better when you help others.

And last one needs no quotes.
Know Thyself – Biggest requirement to ward off this curse is to be happy in our own company and the ones who value ours. A very simple but unacknowledged way to do so is by far meditation. Just 5 minutes a day morning and night can make a world of difference to how you view yourself and your problems. It brings emotional stability and harmony. Triggers personal transformation and helps live a stress-free life. Slows ageing, increases immunity, helps fight and cure diseases. Helps get a good night’s sleep. Sharpens mind and expands consciousness thus creating balance. To get the benefits of Meditation, Daily practice is the key. Once adopted, the practice becomes the best part of your day. Ideas and guidance from the infinite source sort pretty much everything out for you.
10 Steps to Meditation – Do it yourself:

1. Choose a convenient time and a quiet place preferably fixed, for meditation.
2. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and relax.
3. Breathe. Take a few deep breaths initially and then let it come to normal.
4. Just focus on your breath. Visualizing your breath going in and coming out. Focus.
5. Let the thoughts come – and go. Don’t actively follow them.
6. Acknowledge everything – your thoughts, feelings, emotions, visions that you get, all of it.
7. Register any important message or guidance coming to you at this point.
8. Take a mental note of each and every thing.
9. After a few minutes, again bring your attention back on to your breath.
10. Slowly and steadily open your eyes and move.

You will feel a renewed sense of energy after this. Practicing just this, daily for 5 minutes can really turn your reality around. Simple and free maybe that’s why undervalued.

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All the best and enjoy!!


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