Common Man, Uncommon Feats – As A1 Snehanjali turns Two, A Continuing Saga of Humanity and Kindness to a Million Parents

Story of the journey of a farmer’s son, from small sleepy town to mega city of Mumbai and being a ‘Son to a Million Parents’, a journey of a social enterprise started by Sailesh Mishra on April 2008 to multifaceted Silver Innings Group in 2015, working with Senior Citizens and their family. He started A1 Snehanjali with a thought of not only making nursing home or old age home. But with a mission of working towards creating,” Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience”. Silver Innings on 17th Aug 2013 ventured into a completely new horizon of providing 24×7 assisted living elder care home for elder residents who don’t need constant medical intervention or nursing home care. With launching of its first facility,” A1 Snehanjali” in a small town of Nalasopara in the western suburb of Mumbai, It started its elder care facility with a goal of, “Transforming lives to mitigate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom”.

At A1 Snehanjali their mission is to help elders and their family members to overcome the challenges of ageing and show them the way to transform lives, to reduce loneliness and helplessness and live with dignity in their silver years. They are the pioneers in India to introduce ‘Rights of Residents’ in Elder Home.
Their nurturing and trained professional staff is dedicated to provide all residents with the highest level of quality and expert services. Families subscribing to their service are assured peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is enjoying his/her best days of ‘Silver Years’ at A1 Snehanjali. A therapeutic and secure environment is provided to the residents along with non-pharmacological interventions, with core being Holistic care. On 17th Aug 2015 this wonderful and innovative social enterprise A1 Snehanjali completed two year long journey from Infancy to childhood. These were wonder years with much learning, happiness, networking, happening, many new friends, colleagues, celebrations, prayers. Memorable years to cherish, A journey worth continuing, in the company and with the blessings of elders.

Sailesh never thought he could do this, a global acknowledgement for and from the ageing domain never looked easy. Journey to Silver Innings was tough, with many ups and downs. A journey from rubble to home with a heart….from an idea to reality… from a black and white document to infrastructure…,from preaching to practice. Financial help from a well-wisher friend made this dream come true. With success of A1 Snehanjali and alongside new learning, they are in the process of launching their new facility ‘A SILVER AMORE’ very soon in coming months. Introducing nursing supervision and medication management with holistic care.

The setting of this unique setup is picturesque and the atmosphere is,” Just like home”. The bungalow at the corner junction of a quiet lane is surrounded by greenery of Chikoo, Guava and majestic Coconut trees. Green lawns with lovely flowers and tiled walking paths surround the community area, the whole atmosphere is comforting and inviting. The feeling of camaraderie, familiarity and intimacy between the residents and caretakers is impressive. To read more about the personal eye witness first- hand account of the visit to this lovely place please click on the following link…

General Principles of Caring for Residents at A1 Snehanjali : Person Centered Care; Dignity and Respect; Communication; Independence; Privacy and Safety. Particularly Person Centered Care, Dignity and Respect, Communication, Independence, Privacy and Safety. A1 Snehanjali has created package of integrated amenities that is designed to provide seniors with most of the services required to lead a normal home-like life. It offers both personalized and group programs and services that focus on stimulating mind, body and soul. They offer a convenient month-to-month room rental that includes Comfortable room including basic utilities, Three Veg meals a day (As per nutritional requirement), Common dining facility (with option for room service if required), Access to attending staff 24 hours a day, Daily housekeeping and weekly laundry service, Daily activities and exercise programs, Transportation to doctor’s appointments, Medication management, assistance with pill box, Weekly medical check-up, Doctor on call, Grooming and Hygiene, Incontinence care, Bathing and Dressing and more.

The other services provided by ‪#‎SilverInnings‬ include Dementia, Alzheimer’s Counselling and Training of caregivers, Elder Helpline, Matrimonial and Companionship, Talent Show, Training and Education, Counselling, Volunteering, Workshops and Talks, Dementia Management Services, Missing Seniors Alert, Inter-generational Programs, Networking, Advocacy and even a Youth Football Club!
Silver Innings is Social Enterprise. 10% of profit earned from this initiative will be spent for funding activities of ‘Silver Inning Foundation’, an NGO truly dedicated to Senior Citizens.


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