Care for Caregiver

imageSilver Innings Helpline has another feather in it’s well decorated hat. On the first day of August Co Founders Sailesh Mishra and Ramaa Subramaniam organised the first in the series of one of its kind Care for Caregivers workshop – Silver Amore – A Stress burster workshop for Caregivers in Mumbai. And what a well attended energising event it was.IMG_6139imageIMG_6136IMG_6143 image .

The idea behind it was new though the issue is as old as illness and old age itself. All of us are caregivers but just how much care are we able to give to ourselves as caregivers. Caregivers as a category are fraught with guilt and shame to think of their own fatigue or stress relating to their task as they feel they are being disloyal by doing so. This event was held by Silver Innings to recognise these unsung heroes and make them self aware about the risks of keeping their stress and tension unaddressed or else it will turn into a sickness itself.

The event was kicked off by Ramaa who aptly equated to the caregivers the example of how before every flight instructions are given to put on your seat belt and masks before helping children and old people. So look after yourself she said, before helping others so as to optimise your own potential for care giving. You are doing no one a favour if you fall sick with stress and fatigue.

Then the dynamic leader of the Silver Innings group Sailesh Mishra took over to state the purpose and future direction of the group. The visionary that he is, Sailesh had multiple plans for his passion for care for the elderly. He is one of the pioneers in his field and has been consulted and featured in an episode of Satyamev Jayte of Aamir khan for his passion, knowledge and practical empathy for the cause.

After this lovely idea in the making presentation an Ice breaker session was held by Sushmita Sri. It was a fun introduction of the participants with a little twist so that we remember each other by the choice of the movies that we like rather than just names. Some old classics like Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof refreshed our memories along with Hindi favourites like Shree 420 and newer Aashiquii.

After this entertaining insightful introduction the first session of the workshop was kick started by Clinical psychologist Raheen Jummani of OYA. Her session was mesmerising with participants literally hanging on to every word as she revealed the innermost thoughts and deepest buried concerns of guilt and shame felt by caregivers as very natural. She brought to the forefront the idea that don’t be afraid or shy of what others think of you if you look after yourself. People are going to talk regardless. So take care of yourself for better and efficient care of your ward rather than let it convert into something serious, more harmful, difficult and expensive to treat. Self love is not selfishness, its smartness. Be smart without being selfish to love yourself. Dont be afraid to ask for help. She took us all on an interactive visualisation journey trip to a beach. After the session all were feeling rejuvenated.
After this we celebrated friendship day by tying purple bands of love and care to each other. Then we had great refreshments samosas, sandwiches, tea and cake sponsored by Sneha Kala Kendra and Eisai Pharma.

Then commenced the next session by Reiki Grand Master Hariharan Iyer. It was one of the most fun and entertaining session ever. A unique introduction to the Art of self-healing Reiki. He took everyone through his life journey from a sickly youngster to a strapping successful Reiki and life style Trainer for the corporates, made possible through this science of Reiki. He taught that this science is imperative for all, to take control of our lives or else life will take us for a spin of its own. Through meditation and reiki we must have a control of our mind and body. It’s an exercise in self-service to serve others in optimal manner. He did an exercise in healing White Light Meditation by the end of which the participants reported different experiences but all very relaxed and refreshed.
Overall great sessions both. Then the group’s voice of the help line thanked everyone and requested the participants to give their feedback for the sessions so that more and better such events can be organised in future.
The participants were eager and alert with their questions to the session leaders with best question being given a gift for being innovative. Such exercises are what made the whole evening fun and beautiful for all. Everyone was sad to see the evening end and mingled with conversation and smiles even long after it ended. Truely a mark of successful event this.



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