Let’s Paint Our World in Greens and Blues and All Natural Hues 🌈

Heylo Friends😊…

This is getting a bit boring😴… In the confines of four walls. I would rather that you and I were sitting in a green and blue place🌳🌈… a Breezy garden with a Koi pond if you so prefer and Long wild grass with Wild flowers🌾🌸🍀, Chirping birds all round, Gurgling stream for good measure, to beckon us and discuss the pros and cons of the goings on in the world. The possibilities in such environment are endless. You can write, read, think, imagine outside the confines of space and time and age. My imagination breaks all bounds in such environs! So does yours I am sure. So what’s stopping us . This concrete jungle🌇 is too suffocating for words. We can get our breath back. And not for nothing. The greens relax us. Prolong our life.

It’s been proven by quite a few studies that plants are good for our psychological development. If you green an area the rate of crime goes down. Torture victims begin to recover when they spend time outside in a garden with flowers. So we need them, in some deep psychological sense which I don’t suppose anybody really understands as yet, Says Dame Jane Goodall, British Anthropologist.

In addition to soothing the eyes and calming our overwrought senses. The greens provide relaxed atmosphere for yoga, walk, exercises and meditation. Morning walk🚶 in the greens 🌲🌴🌳is rejuvenating and motivating for rest of the day. It improves immunity, lowers blood pressure and improves longevity. It has immense positive effect on the elderly.

1. Physical, mental and spiritual healing is promoted by green and blue spaces. Even hearing the sound of water or bees 🐝buzzing on flowers🌺🌸🌷 has beneficial effect on health of elderly.
2. If the greens🍁🌈 are accessible, it encourages the elderly to be more active physically and socially. Which can offset chronic illness, disability, progressive old age and isolation. So the greens are actually a health resource.
3. It gives a structure to the schedule of daily mundane activities in retirement and helps to form a peer group👶👴👵 for social activities. Various diverse opportunities are unavailable to elderly with lack of such spaces.
4. Green spaces can transform the world of elderly care. A partnership between Government and Urban Development Planners with Social organisations – Old age, Dementia homes for transforming green spaces and encouraging wildlife into healthcare and residential environments can be path breaking.
5. “We found it was extremely successful for people with dementia – they were getting involved in physical tasks like feeding the birds🐓🐧, Painting bird houses etc. When relatives came to visit they were really amazed by the difference .” says the manager of one such home.
6. Decreased levels of agitation seen in residents where the green grounds with flora 🌸and fauna🐇 is available. Research by Dr William Bird, strategic health advisor to Natural England and a GP in Reading, outlined benefits including reductions in obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stress, ADHD and aggression.
7. Also this partnership has the potential for bringing Conservation closer to home, especially in urban areas. One of the biggest threats to conservation is people not understanding nature, not respecting it, or even fearing😱 it.
8. Highly visible and successful projects by businesses and corporate houses as public service can make wildlife areas cool again.

After all, As my mother says you can’t beat a bit of fresh air. She vouches by her morning and evening walks. And she swears by the friends she has made while out on these wonder walks!! Be it in the artfully and artificially created greens of Singapore or the wild controlled one in the Air Force station of Jammu. After all mom knows best😊.


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