The Great Expectations😇… And Greater Disappointments😝

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We all have ’em☺️… Expectations, I mean. Wives from Husbands and vice versa💑. Friends from Friends👬… Employers from Employees. And the Biggest, the mother of them all, Parents from their Kids👪. The root of most of problems. And there are myriad of these expectations. Not one1⃣, not two2⃣, not three3⃣, no Sir! It is a whole rainbow 🌈 of all hues. Don’t get me wrong… It’s not all bad🙆. For some people, it is these expectations that keep them on track 🏃 or else where would they be! Who knows? But generally we must give benefit of doubt to normal people. They know instinctively what’s good for them.

Guide them, Advise them, Be Proactive, ‘Just Be There’, but don’t be disappointed😔 or dejected😞 if they don’t take the proffered advice. Rest assured they value you so they considered it and it was a vital part of their decision making. It is a major problem with us Indians specially. We can’t help but advise. Be it our Friends, Family or even Strangers, Anyone! We have to put in our own two bits, Regardless of whether it is welcome or not🙈🙉🙊.

This is worst if we are the Parents in the equation. We can’t help but give advice. Be it for which Subjects to chose, Career to follow, Girl/Boy to marry, We have an Advice and an Expectation. Oh well! And guess what !! Though times have changed, our expectations remain same. To be followed to the letter. But wait, does that satiate us and our expectations? No, of course not😝! We want more☺️. More and more of same and set ourselves up for the Great fall eventually, ultimately. Because however right we maybe, people want to be wrong sometimes. To experience life and learn for themselves. If we don’t fail that means we haven’t lived for ourselves.

To Fail, Fall then Rise again😇 is true success. Not just following good advice always and wondering later on, What if? We may be successful but not satisfied by it and strangely unsettled because it’s not really our own. ‘Not failing is never living’. So do you want that for your kids👦👧, To have never lived. We lived and learned from our failures, let them too. If they don’t, They are going to resent you forever. Just think back, did you really like unasked for advice or pressure of expectations . So set your loved ones free too from these shackles.

If only we could learn to set each other free, the biggest win will be for ourselves. That will be real freedom… Freedom from Expectations😊😀😊.



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