Love is in the Air❤️

Love is in the Air

Love❤️ is such a wonderful emotion… It can hit you unexpectedly! Like a bolt from the blue⚡️🌈…. Accept it…its a gift💍. Or Reject it…untimely or such. But Consider it, you must!

The conventional naysayers will have you believe love can happen only once. But so wrong they are! It can happen as often as required. Really😳!! Really😊. It’s the Elixir of Life… Maybe there is sometimes risk of it happening with wrong person or at the wrong time. But if you are sensible, what are you losing? Experience it and then Abandon it, with thorough Abandon! Rather than not experience it at all! Better once than never… Right? And more than once can be twice as nice💏. Life is about taking chances. Give yourself credit for that much common sense. Take one more Chance🎲. Have one more Dance💃. Nothing equals the Magic🎩. Be forewarned👻 though! Nothing comes close to the pain caused by it either💔. But Feeling, however painful, is a Sign of life and a sign that we are alive to the most beautiful sense of all💞.

Age is no criteria at all. Rather more mature the better it is👥… I have the privilege of being acquainted with a classy elderly lady doctor👵, a widow of many years. She loved and still loves her deceased husband, her Son’s family, her busy Social life. She is a respected Doctor, now retired, enjoying good health and wealth but still feels the need for Companionship👶. And why shouldn’t she have it? She is well entitled to! But I guess the societal pressures do not facilitate such arrangements with ease, unless providential. But the Question remains… why not? Is it because she is a woman and supposed be only maternal or grand maternal at this age and not harbour any other needs for the fear of censure from society! Or is that because the progeny are so insecure about the property involved that they cannot foresee and tolerate the happiness that they can bestow upon their parents with the same approval that their parents gave them. Or is it because of societal lash backs. Either ways, it’s our duty as seniors to be responsible for our own happiness and not burden solely our children with the onus of making us comfortable and happy in our mature age. If they do, that’s Wonderful. We are Blessed. If they don’t, we are doubly blessed because we can still do something and more for ourselves as per our choice.

So Rejoice🎋🎊… Live your life fully. Start this Stage of Life with our life long partner 🎎 with Renewed Vigour and Vitality or with the One who is looking for solace like us, either after our life partner is no longer there with us in body but will encourage in spirit, to find Completion, Company and Happiness.



2 thoughts on “Love is in the Air❤️

  1. So beautifully written 🙂 Love is something which will never have Age as the criteria…it is something that can be felt at any point of life


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