Enough Already… Stop Elder Abuse !!

Elder Abuse

Enough Already… Stop Elder Abuse !!

“Elder abuse is an international problem found among all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, with an incidence and prevalence only slightly less than that of child abuse”.

“Most elderly value autonomy above personal safety and comfort, and would rather have inadequate care with families than the best of institutional care”.

Hello Friends…. June being the month for raising awareness against 💜Elder Abuse💜. Today we are here to talk about this serious topic. All of the above are the conclusions from findings in Report by Dr.Ann Sclater, MSc, MD, FRCPC.

Actually it’s shame on us Indians😔 that Elder Abuse is so prevalent even in our country whose traditions dictate that elders be worshipped 🙏 and their blessings be treasured. Wheels of time and life spare no one. The sweetness and sourness of life is same for all. We create a treasury of Karma. And Karma is not a mother, Affectionate and Forgiving, Rather it’s a strict teacher who gives no second chances for redressal. Mistakes once committed will not and can not be erased. If we can not be kind to the one’s who are the reason for our existence, More shame on us.

Let’s get together and create awareness to this ever-increasing malady of modern society. Is it even worth being called a society with such behaviour towards our elderly, our own flesh and blood? Our Parents and Elders are our foundation as we are our Children’s. Our Parents had many Children but loved all of them equally. But many Children👫👬 together can’t care for their one set of Parents👪. What an irony of life! That too in a land where parents are supposed to be revered. Have our values become extinct along with joint families.

But things are changing for better, slowly but surely. On 15th June an Event was organised by Silver Innings Foundation an NGO on the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. There was a Walkathon and an Audio Visual release to mark the occasion at the Dada Dadi Park in Borivli. The walk by senior citizens👴👵 was led by young kids👦👧 holding banners with slogans like “Youth for Senior Citizen” and “Only Love Care and Respect for the Elderly”. After tying of 💜Purple Rakhis💜 to the Elderly as a mark of protection there was a lively dance💃 for them presented by youngsters. Then “Pichheyy Ka kamra”, an audio-visual presentation for the cause with a moving poem by Anshuman Bhagwat narrated by Darrpan Mehta was released. Few of the elderly came forward to share their advice and experience which was very moving and motivating. Karaoke singing🎤 by the elderly participants 🎼 and Dance masti 👯 followed. An evening to remember leaving an awareness to a cause well worth. Kudos to Sailesh Mishra the founder of Silver Innings. Many more such efforts are still need of the hour.

Son🚶 or Daughter💁 whoever we are. We too are a Mother or Father or will be one day. And very soon we will be in the same place where we have put our Parents. So let’s make it a great place. A place from where their hearts💖💕will shower blessings on us. As will the God and the Universe. It’s the Aashirwaad from our Parent’s hearts that creates our heaven or hell right here in this lifetime itself.

Our Elders will forgive us and bless us even and in spite of all our faults and mistakes. But the universe doesn’t. Life comes back full circle. To teach us the lesson, the hard way. And the sad thing is, we will not be able to go back in the past to change. Once done life cannot be undone. We have got to do somethings, such as this, right the first time round itself. Our parents are with us for a limited time. Once they leave us, we will be living with only regrets, our whole life.


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