Gift of Life.. Use it or Lose it !

image Heylo my sweet sweet friends😊 Am back again…. Not really though… I am still in Mauritius after the article on holiday tips last time. But now observing and reporting from the island paradise, Mauritius to you this time round… The place is a virtual heaven and haven for all kinds and age groups… Hippies, happy go lucky loners, groups,The  nuclear families, joint families, affluents, budget travellers, honeymooners, adventure seekers… people from world over for any kind of fun sporting activity… Sky diving, scuba diving, snorkelling, undersea walks, submarine tours, para sailing, Water skiing,Tubing, Banana boat, fly fishing you name it they have it here and also for non activity of fun or just chilling and relaxing and learning from nature. The travellers all have one thing in common, after coming here they are all relaxed. They are taking a moment to enjoy the nature at its purest. The world seems to have distributed itself into two, travellers and non travellers. It’s alright if you are not travel inclined. But somehow that seems to be an indication of adventure of spirit or lack thereof. The desire to experiment, should be there always in every sphere of life. To stretch your abilities, to touch the outer limits of your boundaries and exceed them. If we don’t, the inevitable happens and we fall victim to the routine… the ordinary… the bane of human existence. Because we humans are anything but ordinary. We have to break the stereotype and create new benchmarks, for ourselves, if not for our following generations. Don’t be fettered by the chains of traditions. Break free.Test your limits. Don’t let Your physical boundaries limit your mind. Take help of the facilities world is eager to offer. Don’t be reluctant or shy. The bad in this world is outnumbered by the good. Take advantage. Follow the link provided here if you don’t find help around you and take appropriate assistance. Think outside the box we have lived in all our lives. Because very soon it will all be over. As it has been for Everyone..Everywhere..Always. Regardless of race, religion or area. Break free of traditions. Taken care of the responsibilities you have, haven’t you… Now take care of the responsibility to yourself. Put back life into your years rather than years into your life. Believe me you…much more satisfying. Enjoy the Rain drops on your face…the Sea at your feet…the Snow flakes on your tongue… the Sand under your feet, the sound of Waves in your ears…the Wind in your hair…the warmth of Sun on your face…Enjoy them… Savour them… They are life giving, revitalising, sensual…invigorating…awakening all our senses in different ways… Enjoy the music..the dance..the laughter…the tears…the love…the affection…the care…the touch…the caress of the ones who care or we care for. Leave the petty jealousies…the envies the comparisons…the competition behind…bring the child in us out… Let our innocent instincts take over… Kids know what matters instinctively… Somewhere along the way we lose that… Life is “here and now”. Not before not later. Kick ass folks. This is it. – Sushmita 🙂