Wanderlust :) Have Feet……Will Travel

imageBecause as someone rightly said… In the end, We only Regret the Chances we didn’t take. Travel brings Power and Love back to Life. We Travel not to Escape Life but for Life not to Escape us. Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless and don’t be Sorry. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. To Travel is to Live. If you think Adventure is Dangerous, Try Routine, It’s Lethal. Once a year go some place you’ve never been before.

The above are all collection of my favorite quotes on travel by various great thinkers and authors and they describe beautifully in single lines whole world of reasons to Travel. But in the end it will be just us thinking back on what we Read or Saw….because the difference between the two wll be in being there.

It’s Now or When…. Later is Never. This is the best time, we are free from responsibilities to explore the new virgin lands. Which hold the host of unparalleled new experiences. But be prepared to go with open heart and generous mind as if you reject the Food, ignore the Customs, fear the Religion and avoid the People, you might better stay home… As says James Michener.

Now let’s Plan your Vacationn… 🙂

When preparing to travel lay out all your clothes and all your money…Now take half the clothes and twice the money.

1. Always preferable to travel in groups rather than travel alone. So check with your travel agent for any special packages for senior citizens.

2. Ask for any special medical requirements during travel or applicable in the country at the time of booking only.

3. Get travel insurance which covers existing medical condition.

Checkups and Precautions

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bones. – Bible

1. Get complete checkup keeping in mind the country being travelled to and change in food and climate and it’s effect on existing medical condition.

2. Get any required Vaccinations for the destination.

3. Easy to forget but Very Important is complete Dental Checkup.

4. Keep extra pair of specs.

What to pack

I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase. – Diane Von Furstenberg

1. Pack all your Medicines and some extra supply too, along with Doctor’s Prescriptions in your cabin luggage to avoid inconvenience in case of luggage misplace.

2. Keep the current weather of your destination country in mind while packing clothes, shoes, jackets and umbrella.

3. Pack painkillers, antacids, bandaids etc too in cabin luggage for easy access.

S & S safety & security

Go to heaven for climate and hell for company. – Mark Twain

1. Stay and move around in groups and avoid night time ventures.

2. Have a list of emergency contacts and of embassy of your country with you at all times. Also a list of doctors in your area of travel.

3. Avoid undercooked raw food..unpasteurised dairy food or peeled fruits to avoid food related infections. Drink mineral water. Ask for ingredients in case allergic to any food item.

4. Keep your money spread out in 3-4 places in different pieces of luggage & dont wear expensive jewelry .

5. Keep a relaxed itinerary so that enough time to rest and relax in between travel is there.

now most important of all…. bon voyage folks 🙂