Why so serious….Go Play!!


Heylo friends I am back 😎, just as I warned and you feared😝. What to do…. have time….will disturb 😁. Please spare some valuable moments from your day for me. I am sure you all have lots of serious stuff engaging your attention through out the day. But at the end of it, if you are not happy or are bored or resentful towards the day, for being so long and night so restless then it’s time to bring about a few changes. Time to exercise and tire out your body and mind so that they both get a dose of serotonin. Not very drastic changes…I wouldn’t suggest that ! Or you may decide to cut me out only 😂.

What I want to say is, life is serious 😌 as it is… Why not pepper it with sweet and spice and few things nice 😊. If not in food 🍔🍺🍰then definitely in activities and thoughts🚶😎.
First off what comes to mind is something that will interest your grandkids👫 too, if not your kids. They will want to know what your life was like and their parents too when you were their age. So why not write your life experiences 💕🏂🎣🚴, as you remember them. You don’t have to be a writer for this. In your own language, dialect and using your own family terms and private jokes you can write or dictate incident wise or story like. And keep compiling in a file or diary📒📓. The beauty of it is that the very exclusive audience is you and your family, who are as it is, part of the story👪. It’s a great memory exercise too. You can go back year by year from now as that will give you more confidence in your recall and practice or you can do it the other way round i.e. chronologically too📆.

Other activity of great entertainment and self empowerment is to Learn chess, sudoku ⌛️⏰or word games or learn new language… Some thing you never ever did do before. I know sounds a bit illogical 😏, but really isn’t. Because it challenges our brain to think differently and our mind is then inclined to look at other day to day things differently too.

Learn some new musical instrument 🎸🎹, at home with kids, grandkids or on our own or with friends. Believe me you, the transformation will be self revealing and complete🏁🏆. Join local karaoke groups🎤🎶. They will welcome you like mannah from heaven because you will be a treasure trove of the golden years 🎼.

Keep drawing, painting, cartooning… 🎨🎬 Painting with fingers and hands can be incredibly satisfying 😇, provided we get over our memory of childhood punishment👺👽for creating a mess i.e. he he. The world is your play ground…Go play. Go….because you can. You can’t afford not to… The profits are endless, I promise. I am going….my friends are waiting. It’s playtime folks.

About our writer :

imageHi…. I am Susmita Sri. A very thankful Ex Finance Industry professional 🙂 Mother of 2 v exasperating but utterly lovable teens one entering teens other almost leaving…. Experience with them combined with forever busy but again v affectionate hubby has exposed me to 360 degrees realities of life well in advance. Friends are few with whom I share deep bonds… acquaintances are many who give me valuable insights but my eternal best friends remain the books of all kinds and now killer combo with internet I am well equipped for anything life throws at me….. I hope !


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