Romance of life…Icing on the Cake !


Heylo My esteemed friends !!! I am here today among you for the first time, but not the last, i am afraid 🙂 and I have to ask for your assistance. As I feel I may be out of my depth here and may need your help starting something new. And in the process if I can bring a smile or two….maybe a new thought to even one of you friends, I will  consider myself fortunate, to be given this opportunity to be in your wise company. So you see,  I want help in icing my cake. I know I know your reactions must range from incredulous to “Is she crazy?”.

But please hear me out before throwing me out 🙂  !!!
Standing on the threshold of another stage of life we realise what we left behind….what could have been…..what is. We are proud of our achievements and want to rest on our accolades but seems the R&R (rest & relaxation) we were looking forward to, we were talking about with our friends and what we considered our right after all those responsibilities… is still that… A dream..  Even many of us who are more financially privileged may too, after reaching that stage feel that this not what they wanted actually, regardless of whether they can afford to or not. Rare few and fortunate are those who are in sync with their age and desires. Irrespective of our wishes, wants and necessities, life goes on. An esteemed and highly acclaimed Actor and Facebook friend Mahesh Thakur in his introspective FB update wrote yesterday something that we all feel sometime or the other and which touched me… He wrote, ” On the beach alone with the waves kissing my feet…My footprints on the wet sand were being washed away…The sea also has a way of reminding us that we all are temporary visiting this planet.”👣. I replied with this comment, “That’s what makes everything so romantic but still we take our short life for granted as though it will last and we will live forever…..”

But really the romance of life continues regardless of age or stage💜💚. Up to us to keep it alive and thriving till the last breath which may come anytime to any of us. As another quote goes,” Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. “👯🍁🌹Memories are made every second for someone. So we have got to live life to the fullest as if everyday is our last day.🌠🌝 . And then tomorrow is another day..another life🌞🌍, A gift🎁.

Every stage in life is fraught with its own 👫special set of problems to be solved, difficulties to be faced👪. Why should maturity of age be any different?.Up to us to keep the romance and love and life alive in us and around us💍💌👗👔👜👡👟👓. We are all gifted… We may be special if our gift is surprise….. to be revealed when we have achieved the rest with hard work 🎉🎊. The cherry 🍒to top the cake🍰. So let’s start…”Icing the Cake of Life ” my friends🎂.  Here have a piece of mine because with your help it’s ready. 🙂 Want my help with your’s 😉 🍰🍹

About our writer :


Hi…. I am Susmita Sri. A very thankful Ex Finance Industry professional 🙂 Mother of 2 v exasperating but utterly lovable teens one entering teens other almost leaving…. Experience with them combined with forever busy but again v affectionate hubby has exposed me to 360 degrees realities of life well in advance. Friends are few with whom I share deep bonds… acquaintances are many who give me valuable insights but my eternal best friends remain the books of all kinds and now killer combo with internet I am well equipped for anything life throws at me….. I hope 😎