Enriching Our Lives: Mind, Body and Soul!



Fantastic Beginning!!!Great instant feedback from all who attended the curtain raiser inaugural maiden event of and by Pride Age.
Talented powerful speakers,
Warm ambience… Full house… Great audience… An indicator of more wonderful things to come..

The Showcase Event of Pride Age to inaugurate it’s fledgling venture Pride Age was kickstarted by Mr. Harish Mehta the motivational speaker and Certified Executive Coach by Marshal Goldsmith. Think, Learn, Grow and Lead are his ‘to go’ and ‘to get’ action words.
He was the epitome of spontaneity and positivity. He enthralled the audience through his powerful action packed talk on Power of Attraction. “Throw negativity, negative traits and negative people out of your lives, NOW!”, was his Mantra for the day. His is a hard act to follow by anyone.

The gentle yet very impressive Trainer Ms.Radhika Chopra concluded with her very interactive session. Radhika is a facilitator and her target is Transformation and catalyst for change. Her objective is to transform lives to the greatest potential, and give us the tools to be all that we are capable of becoming.
Her’s was a very engaging interactive session wherein the audience participated wholeheartedly and with full concentration while she led them gently, step by step to have a glimpse of their inner-self. She successfully demonstrated the power of mind over body and how if we sync all of our faculties – mind, body and the spirit, We can optimise our capabilities to achieve the best results. Truly impressive session and a fitting finale to a wonderful inaugural event for Pride Age indeed.

Ms.Hira Mehta was one of the speakers at the showcase event of Pride Age to inaugurate it’s fledgling venture Pride Age Club (PAC)

Hira held the audience’s attention through her piece on,”Living everyday life Effectively and Energetically to the fullest possible extent.” She shared her experiences and tips on living a full life as a senior. An effective coordinator and communicator, she retired from an active work life and yet is full time engaged in activities of her choice. She loves to blog on various topics, writes articles and has written a collection of short stories. Her talk was well received and appreciated by the discerning audience.



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