Hira writes about her KWK – 2 experience !


Silver Innings and The Metrognome, two Mumbai-based organisations working for senior citizens and a better life in Mumbai, respectively, organised its second edition of Koffee with Kahani – “The Locha Diaries”. Silver Innings believes in improving the quality of life of the elderly through care and networking while on the other hand The Metrognome hunts down and showcases extraordinary and interesting stories behind ordinary Mumbaikars. The event held at Out of the Blue at Powai had an enthusiastic lot of young from 8 years to the 81 year old elderly gentleman participating including me. ‘Koffee with Kahani’, the storytelling session held over coffee offered us, the participants, an opportunity to interact, laugh together and express thoughts freely.

Harish Mehta, a Life Coach and trainer shared some valuable tips on Relationship Building and Positive life. The fun began when participants were asked to pull out a chit from a bowl and spot perform the topic with a mix of stand-up comedy. What fun enacting out unprepared from a chit I picked that said An emotional news reporter talking about the black money issue. It was an amazing experience for me. Unprepared and innovating on the spot really put ME in a spot to express my thoughts.

“The world is about to end. Act out a scene as a kanjoos person running around to save three things that are most important to you” and “a foolish traffic police constable who has just caught a wanted gangster you don’t recognise but he looks familiar because he was speeding in his car”, and many more such funny topics prepared by the talented Vrushali Lad of Metrognome not only had the participants enjoy performing but had the rest of us in splits. Getting a roomful of people to laugh is not easy but believe me when I say that everyone who performed proved that we are indeed actors on the stage of life ready to express at the drop of a hat.

It was heartening to meet likeminded people, catch up with old friends and make new friends too. The icing on the cake will be being able to see my performance and that of the others on YouTube! Hats off to Vrushali Lad of The Metrognome, the brains behind this event and supported by Sailesh Mishra and Ramaa Subramaniam founders of Silver Innings Helpline. They have proved that in this world where everyone is just running from pillar to post, there are a few like them who have actually managed to stop some of us in our tracks to admire the scenery and smell the flowers.

…… Participated and read the news as an emotional news reporter…

( for more pics visit-

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.650261201752629.1073741833.509699872475430&type=3 )

Hira Mehta


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