Anjali writes about her KWK -2 experience

The evening spent at KWK on Saturday was indeed a memorable one. The event, Koffee with Kahani was one of the most heart-warming and delightfully entertaining events I have ever attended.
The entire concept of “come out”, which was the theme of the event, is a fantastic one in my view. It very well captures our busy and technology dominated lives, being spent indoors and we totally miss out on interaction with people, and outdoor fun.
The whole idea of working to help senior citizens and their families is indeed a concern which has been little thought of, but a concept that has been beautifully brought out by silver innings.
The small acts, put up impromptu by the participants were really, both amusing, and thought provoking at the same time. It was a full family entertainer, which adults and childimageren alike, could enjoy together.
Harish Mehta, a Life Coach and trainer shared a valuable insight on having a goal in our lives, and brought out the fact that we are too caught up in negativity to see the positivity, and also shared a beautiful insight on how we can work towards better relationships.
The Metrognome is a wonderful concept, as it aims to bring out the small acts of kindness that make ordinary people like us heroes, and to spread the good and kind word in a humble request to spread the chain of goodness and kindness.
It was lovely to meet old acquaintances who so fondly remember us even after all these years. There were rays of positivity and happiness all around that made me grateful for all the positive things in my life!
I look forward to attending more of these events and hope to actively contribute to silver innings in whatever way I can!

Gaurav-Anjali Advika Maanini Mishra


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