Koffee With Kahani –The Locha Diaries


Koffee With Kahani –The Locha Diaries

Do you want to tell a story to a live audience?
Do you like to perform for your family, friends, even perfect strangers?
Most importantly, do you like a little bit of ‘locha’ in your life?
Join us for a fun story recital where you get to present a story on the spot, be as creative as possible, and make a roomful of people laugh. Who knows, you might be one of three lucky winners. Plus, we’ll put your performance up on YouTube and present you and your performance on an online portal!

When: January 10, 2015
Where: Out of the Blue, Powai.
What time: 4 pm to 6 pm.
Registration: You can perform on registration basis only. The registration fee is Rs 350 per head. Send an email to silverinningshelpline@gmail.com
Or call us on 9819829388 for registration details.

Who can enter: Everyone.

About Koffee With Kahani:
Silver Innings and The Metrognome are two Mumbai-based organisations working for senior citizens and a better life in Mumbai, respectively. Last year, the two had jointly conceptualised ‘Koffee with Kahani’, a storytelling session held over coffee and relaxed conversation. This year, they present the same event with an added element – a mix of stand-up comedy and spot performance.


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