Life is young. We are for Them, Are you ?


As times change, roles change. Some years ago, a father who held his child by the hand, teaching him to walk, now needs support to reach from the room to the bathroom. A mother who ran and chased her little baby around the garden, is now grateful if someone sits with her and talks to her on the park bench.

The challenges & joys of parenting are now swapped by the difficulties of age.

Sometimes the physical mobility of a senior citizen is hindered by frail bones or assorted illnesses. At other times, the mental faculties of a parent / grandparent go haywire. Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s aren’t mere names. These are ailments that bring with them huge challenges – not just for the person, but more so, for his or her caregivers.

The caregivers, be it the immediate family or the medical fraternity, are often helpless, as the dependence on their services increases. Over and above that emotionally too, they get drained.

Yet, why should these issues become obstacles for everyone involved? Why can’t they be avoided, postponed or tackled with thoughtfulness and timely assistance, when they arise?

There are many of you who have gone through the experience of serving an aged person and would have valuable tips to share. We would like to know your first hand stories, insights, suggestions and solutions.

Simultaneously, there are so many of you providing valuable products & excellent services for elder-care that would make a great deal of a difference to senior citizens across India. We would like to invite you to this platform, so that you can connect to those genuinely in need of your products / services.

If you can share your stories


provide / suggest products or services related to any of the following, please write in to Silver Innings Helpline by sending an email to

Preventive Techniques / Products / Services:

Delaying Techniques/ Products / Services:

Combative Techniques/ Products / Services:

Suhana Bhatia  Write In Light    Suhana Bhatia

Founder, Write In Light

Suhana Bhatia has been writing Story & Screenplay for television shows since 2003. She’s a freelance journalist & feature writer & guest faculty at SNDT University Juhu, for their Post Graduate Media & communication course.


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