Can we find SOLUTIONS together ?


Rajesh Sharma (65) and his wife Malti (60) stay in Bangalore. They have practically spent their whole life there and were more than happy to continue to do so despite constant calls from their children Rekha and Ravi who both live in Kolkatta with their respective families. Last few years, Malti has been struggling to cope with Rajesh’s health problems as he has to undergo Dialysis every now and then due to his Kidney Troubles. Despite these difficulties they both refuse to move to Kolkatta preferring to stay in Bangalore.
Currently in India, so many young people are migrating abroad or to other cities for jobs and better opportunities. More and more elders are left to look out for themselves whether by need or choice. Yes, even though they may be financially secure and independent or have their children supporting them financially; there are times when they are rendered helpless due to their healthcare needs. What is the solution to this Dilemma?
The obvious choice to anyone would be to receive help and support at their place of residence ensuring their basic healthcare needs are taken care of. Here’s where the Home Care Services for the Elderly can come into the picture. Furthermore Special Homes for the Elderly requiring Specialized and Individual Care would also play a major role in providing Elder Care Solution as far as the Healthcare Sector goes. Besides Healthcare other Services to ensure that they are taken care of as when required on a need basis needs to be addressed. These may be simple things like grocery shopping, bill and maintenance work etc. Services involving utilization of the Skill sets of Silvers would go a long way in conserving the Country’s Human Resources while keeping them occupied and happy. It would be a Win-Win situation for all.
Present day scenario taken into consideration and estimating the future demand there is a huge gap in the demand and supply in the Elder Care Sector.

Silver Innings Helpline would serve to bridge this gap by providing a platform for the various Service Providers to reach their direct Audience. We would like to take this opportunity to invite all concerned Service Providers in the Elder Care Sector to connect with us in this endeavour and work along with us to achieve our goal of best serving our Silvers.

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Manasi Samudra

Freelance Management Consultant primarily Healthcare, Aspiring Marathon Runner, Avid Book Reader and overall fun loving person who believes in living Life to the fullest. Presently also pursuing Content/Creative Writing and other avenues while enjoying the joys of being a Full Time Mom. Manasi writes for Sulekha, Parent Tree and Indian Moms Connect.

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