Secret recipes to staying young!


The moment you start “growing old” as they call it or are told “you are growing old now” the body and mind begins to react in ways it need not. Growing old is definitely inevitable, but feeling old is not. So here are some secret recipes to stay young.

Join activities you enjoy. Follow your heart as now is the time to do the things you did not have the time to pursue. Make new friends and do whatever brings you happiness and don’t forget to find ways to help others. Helping others is just one way of feeling good about “you” and staying motivated. Learn that musical instrument you always wanted to or join a singing group and remember to include a dose of laughter every day of your life.

Exercise is a must for you to stay fit, but that does not mean if your knee or legs hurt you still continue to keep the pace. You must learn to listen to your body and when it gives you signals stop. Do not judge your capabilities with that of others as we are all different and have different levels of tolerance of everything. What is good for you may just not be good enough for another. There is no shame in being different from those of your age. Simply find an exercise regime that works for you and include it in your day!

Get enough sleep and remember you don’t need to be sleeping the whole day because you have nothing to do. Get out of that bed otherwise depression and lethargy will become your companions. 8-9 hours of sleep is just right and you don’t need more than that just because you are ageing.

Eat right. Control your cravings for those ice-creams, sweets and chocolates as much as you possibly can but of course eat within limits. Eat simple food that won’t give you uneasiness during the day. Choose to eat healthy foods that provide you nourishment and energy and take your medications without fail.

Remain positive in every situation. Find friends with a positive attitude to life and avoid sitting with people who spend time complaining about old age, pains and aches. The more you talk about it and look inward at the problems the more the mind will tell your body to react negatively. Friendship as nothing to do with age so make as many young friends as you can and you will never grow old.

Just remember: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”- Mark Twain 


Hira Mehta

Freelance writer

Hira Mehta is an effective administrator, coordinator and communicator having worked as part of corporate communications department of ICICI Bank (retired in 2013). Hira possess excellent writing skills on non-financial topics. At present is a freelance writer regularly contributing profiles of local heroes & celebrities in two local newspapers. Her expertise lies in proof reading, people & celebrity management, working with kids, training in communication skills, event & shoots co-ordination and has a flair for hosting and teaching.


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