Living with dignity in Silver Years.

imageEvery generation has witnessed their elders dealing with challenges of old age & hopes that it will be different when their time comes, thanks to the advances in medicine and technology. While this is partly true, it is also true that almost no one escapes completely.

Thru this blog I will try to address some of the issues that elders
tackle and hope to highlight solutions along the way, with suggestions and possibilities.

Health: Challenges & possibilities

While genetics plays a huge role in how you age, it also lets us know in advance what you could be prone to.

Diabetes, heart ailments, blood pressure, arthritis….. may come as part of the “family pack” of genes or may decide to pick you unexpectedly.

It is not humanly possibly to guard against every possible health problem, no matter what you eat or how many vitamins you pop.

What is definitely in your control is your own conscious self care and preventive measures.

Here are a few tips to help you:

Yoga , praanayam & walks

Sign up for a yoga class, go to your closest garden for a walk and learn a few basic breathing techniques from a reliable Praanayam teacher. Movement keeps you agile and strengthens your muscles and bones.


Save now. If you are still in your thirties or forties, start putting money aside into fixed deposits and financial investment plans that will guarantee a definite income.

This also means that you curb your splurging even as you enjoy life with your family and kids

Having a nest-egg of investments will keep you mentally secure and also remind you that you are not dependent on others in the future. Start investing now for your retirement.

Regular health-checks

A regular health check is often the simplest way to detect issues early and prevent complications.

Hobbies & Passions

Whether it is chess, books, music or art – pursue it wholeheartedly. Read about your hobbies, connect to people who share your passions and keep working on your pet project. Learn something you always wanted to do.

What we love to do, keeps us young – always. The joy we get also boosts our immune system and keeps illness and ageing at bay.

Stay connected

Keep in touch with your friends and family via phone calls, inviting them for tea and sending emails to people you enjoy knowing

Don’t feel shy interacting with new people. A good network of people ensures that you feel supported and have people to reach out in an emergency

Medical Insurance

A good health insurance plan is a absolute must. There are various options that one reads in the newspapers so seek the advice of someone you can trust.

A good plan will cover a cashless card facility that will keep you worry-free from emergency hospitalisation.

Ageing may be inevitable but being helpless is not. A few simple steps could help make your golden years easy and joyful.



Suhana Bhatia

Write In Light


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